Our Care Coordinators


Care Coordinator

Sarena started with ACS in 2013 as a very dedicated Aide. We saw leadership qualities in her and quickly promoted her to the position of Care Coordinator in 2014. Sarena enjoys meeting with Clients and working out plans that will best serve their needs.  When she isn’t on the road, you can find her working on Staff scheduling in the office or playing with our dog Reggie. Sarena is by far his favorite of the office staff.

  • 610-427-9900 x 102
  • 610-705-2944
  • Sarena@acshc.com


Care Coordinator--Bilingual
(English and Spanish speaking)

Maurie came to us in 2012 and was one of our hardest working Aides. We saw her commitment to our Clients and promoted her to the position of Care Coordinator in 2015. Maurie enjoys providing her Clients with personalized service and brings a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to her work. She attempts to teach Spanish to our Office Staff, but unfortunately, we are slow to learn.

  • 610-427-9900 x 103
  • 610-704-1268
  • Maurie@acshc.com

Our Office Staff


Office Manager

Gai is our go-to person at ACS Homecare. She handles Payroll, Billing, and Client and Employee issues to name just a few of her roles. Gai remembers everyone and everything that goes on around here, and her desk is so incredibly organized; it puts the rest of us to shame. 

  • 610-427-9900 x 101
  • Gai@acshc.com


Operations Manager

Diana handles Human Resources, some marketing, technology, and basically anything else that the rest of the Staff isn’t inclined to do. She strives to have a desk as organized as Gai’s…if only for a little while.

  • 610-427-9900 x 105
  • Diana@acshc.com



Ken handles all of the behind-the-scenes work that keeps ACS running smoothly. He handles all Company Financials, Insurance, Licensing, Policies and Procedures and anything else that we throw at him.

  • 610-427-9900 x 104
  • Ken@acshc.com


Office Dog

  • No personal contact info

Reggie is our black labrador retriever. He is a puppy-in-training for The Seeing Eye Program. In January, he will return to The Seeing Eye Headquarters for his formal training (aka Puppy College). Reggie gives everyone love and attention and is (usually) very well-behaved when he comes to work with us.


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